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I am the Founder and CEO of Pure Necessity By Deketa Tranae® - a lifestyle service that specializes in teaching how to acquire wealth through 'legacy mapping'.


I am a faith shifter who dares young professionals and women of color to tap into their values, skills, and network to be positioned for a wealth building breakthrough. I have the ability to first assess and analyze an individual’s potential then work with them to create a plan that will convert into a sustainable wealth building journey. I encourage them to believe that they can jump into a dimension that they never would have thought to tap into because they were too afraid to even fathom the idea. As an extension of my human resources background, I also leverage some of these same elements to mentor, coach, and consult company and organization leaders (and their support teams) to their highest potential.

Why is 'wealth building' so important to me? Because although I experienced annual family vacations growing up, I also witnessed poor financial stewardship in my parent's household. These childhood experiences placed a fear in me that molded my "must stay ahead" mentality. I didn’t like the anxious feeling of financial uncertainty as a child, so it influenced my mission to create wealth. For me, stability became a non-negotiable that forced me to have an actionable plan in place to ensure there was financial longevity in my own household. Black families and my generation did not always have access to adequate financial literacy therefore I feel it's my divine duty to provide the resources and proper education for the generations after me. I want them to be aware of their options and also know how to implement and leverage these options as they see fit for their needs and desired lifestyle.

"Your legacy is essential."

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