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These three words encapsulate the spirit of Deketa Tranae - a born leader who is passionate about the development of young, forward-thinking professionals and women of color. Her burning desire to want "more" but not having access to a blueprint to navigate life's challenges as a young adult, has placed her on a path to inspire others to not quit on their dreams. Her resilience is an invaluable trait that has afforded her a senior-level human resources position, leadership consulting clients, a diverse investment portfolio, and the opportunity to be invited into rooms where her value is both recognized and appreciated. She is ready to partner with you on your next retreat, expo or gala to ignite a fire in your guests.

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Image by Andrew Kliatskyi
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“I was deeply moved by Deketa’s ability to uplift and empower moms with children on the autism spectrum. Her message was so insightful and practical and provided a beacon of hope and encouragement. Deketa doesn't just speak; she touches hearts, leaving a lasting impact on all who listen. Truly, an extraordinary advocate for women focusing on strength and empowerment.”
- Claire Dees / Executive Director / Spectrum Autism Support Group
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